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Start News Berlin Wall Path Run March 20 /21, 2010
Berlin Wall Path Run March 20 /21, 2010

This picture expresses over and over:  "I can run just like you and I am running toward you." Running with others can help build bridges and overcome certain barriers [walls] and here is what I am trying to say. 

Photo courtesy www.wilhelmi-fotograf.com

For March 21, 2010, the Fifth World Down Syndrome Day, we are organizing an Ultra Marathon Relay at the location of the former Berlin Wall.  This will coincide being 21 years after the Berlin Wall fell.  It also happens to be the lucky number of the Marathoni.

Although it will not be necessarily be easy, we are planning to designate this as an exclusive sports event on this historic route.  Sports men and women together, on the "run", on the same level of perspective:  "Just like you"




Please visit the above link to find details about the route..
This is where we start:

Special note:  We are planning to run every single kilometer with one of the Marathoni.  This run is for and because of the Marathoni, since they are overcoming barriers.  This impresses us and inspires us each day.  The Marathoni will determine the speed; we estimate about 6 km per hour.  This is not suitable for Sports men or women who want to reach a certain top speed.
We start Saturday, March 20, 2010 at around 9:00 AM and will run continuously until March 21, 2010.  The finish line is planned to be at the "Jahn" Stadium, arriving around 12 noon, with subsequent press conference on the subject Down Syndrome and Endurance Sport. Lebenshilfe Berlin [Association for Assisted Living, Berlin] is securing the provisions along the way.  We are very happy to announce this new partnership.

There will be no starting fee.  March 21, 2010 is our designated commemoration and we are inviting you to a celebration in the form of a sports event. 


One of the highlights along the way will be the crossing of Lake Wannsee on the "Condor."  Uwe Schneider and his association "Das Schiff" is organizing it for the runners.


We are anticipatingg that --on the last few kilometers -- we will be accompanied by many  Berlin families who have children with Down Syndrome.  On the last 600 meters of the track, anyone who would like to join us - visitors, sports men and women, members of the Lebenshilfe Berlin -- is invited to run the last few hundred meters with us and enjoy themselves.  At the finish line, we have a small party at the "Jahn" stadium.


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