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Start News Karlsruhe Marathon - September 20, 2009
Karlsruhe Marathon - September 20, 2009

All Marathoni and Coaches were especially anxious for the day of the FIDUCIA Run to arrive.  The majority of the team was expected to meet at this event.  Three of our Marathoni had some very ambitious goals:  Marathoni Benjamin and Marathoni Carolin will be running their first Half Marathon.  And a certain special someone among them wants to reach a very specific goal.  This same goal being unreachable for many people who do not have an impairment:  To be running an uninterrupted tour of 42.192 kilometers:  a full Marathon.



Prior to start:  Some of them haven't seen each other for quite some time.  Others just arrive.  Roli is doing a head count.  Jürgen is giving out the start numbers.  You can hear over the P.A. system "Marliese Lifka, please pick up your entries;" we are discussing a plan of action, one last trip to the restroom, we're almost ready.  At 6:30 AM, the Marathonimobile arrived, then we see Roli and Jürgen, and off we go..

The team members arrive.
Carolin is about to do her first half marathon, Simon his first full marathon.
Dietmar Mücke & Friends.  

Dietmar is our dear friend and he has been accompanying us now for two years at all the city marathons.  In between, he acts as an ambassador of the Marathoni, sporting our team shirt. Dietmar is at home at all the large city marathons, just Karlsruhe has not yet been crossing in his path.  It was a new experience for him to run here.  In Karlsruhe,he did his first official outdoor fundraiser and was busy telling spectators about the Marathoni.  This time he had help from Bernhard Nuss, Coach Micha,  Coach Thomas und Coach Roli, who went about wearing collection pouches.

Simon and Coach Bernhard

Simon's Great Triumph: 


The Team consisted of Bernhard, Dieter, Peter, Ulli and Marathoni Simon.

Bernhard was associated with the Marathoni from Day One and wanted to participate, as well as offer his expertise.  The first marathon is something special for any person.

Coach Dieter knows a lot about Simon from a runner's perspective and has accompanied him before at other events.  In addition, Bernhard made a resolution to run as a "Runner with Heart" and received sizeable support online in the form of donations for our Running Club.  Peter and Ulli are guest runners who were interested in making our acquaintance.

Now about our star Simon.  He was a member of the Marathoni from the start and always drew attention by meeting his ambitious goals. He had  resolved to run a full marathon for a year now and visited with Anita in January Fürth, to do an sports acheivement assessment.  He got the gree light from sports scientist Axel Dörrfuß.  Simon's possesses a very keen sense of self motiviation which enabled him to overcome certain difficulties during preparation.  Anyone who ever ran a marathon knows what I'm talking about. 

Long distance running is strenuous and you quickly recognizes your limitatations. Running is fundamentally a strenuous undertaking   It was not any different for Simon than for the rest of us.  He had a few good training sessions, but also reached a low point occasionally. At this point you have to be able to recognize that and decide on your own, when your body has had enough and where the point is where you have to kick yourself into the derriere.  Simon overcame this phase as well which made him stronger and able to regenerate to keep training.  He arrived at the start line highly charged, well prepared, but not without respect for the distance of the distance to be overcome.  None of us coaches doubted he could make it, and we had hopes.  We wish upon any 'newbie' that the pain to be endured on the last few kilometers of the route is negligable.

How they made out on the route, you can find in great detail at www.laufkultur.de It is the homepage of Coach Dieter, who was at Simon's side every step of the way.  Or visit Bernhard's website at www.nwa-nbg.de.




The last 2000 meters:  Anita was backtracking at point 30 km and met up with Simon and company at point 28 km.  The last few kilometers we savored together.  It wasn't easy, but there is almost no marathon without a little bit of pain.

Simon's metabolism was undergoing a change at point 26 km and this phase takes a little longer with someone who has Down Syndrome.  Sometimes, a marathon run becomes very monotonous and especially, the first time, it seems like you never get to the end point.  We all know how it goes and when you get tired and you ask yourself:  "Why am I doing this to myself?"  Simon was temporarily suffering from the same predicament.. :-)



The very last kilomter.  Thomas is accompanying us by motorcycle and we switch back and forth between walking and jogging.  Simon is drawing on his reserves to be able to jog the last 500 meters.



Simon leadsd the team into the fnish line, now there, he just about made it.

All members of our Running Club are happy for Simon and share in his joy.  We are very proud that he is at the start line for OUR RUNNING CLUB.  We as parents are happy that the whole world is watching what our children can do, if you have faith in them and give them a chance.  Simon Beresford was the first person with Down Syndrome who ran a marathon.  Simon Federer is number two.  Number three is almost certainly from among the Marathoni.  At least two sports men are already at the starting line for this endurance test.


One thing I was particularly interest in and that was if Simon is going to subject himself to this feat once more.  Yes, he said and he even wants to join me to go to the 'Rennseig.'




Now let's talk about Benjamin and Carolin.  Benjamin has been with us since the beginning, December 2007, and Carolin joined us in February of 2008.  Both of them have enourmous endurance and a somewhat casual running tempo at the same time.  That is it for them, and that is enough.  We want it to be fun, make friends and anyone in our Running Club can run at their own pace. Both Benjamin and Carolin decided to run their first half marathon today.

For Benjamin and Carolin, we calculated a running time of 3.5 to 4 hours for the half marathon.  Anyone who has been on a running event will be able to judge how exhausting it is to be running for four hours straight.
At the extreme rear is Martin, Benjamin’s Dad, Coach Micha, Carolin, Coach Jürgen, Coach Thomas, Chrissi, who is running his second half marathon today, then Benjamin, in the rear you see Coach Tilo and Michaela Kögel.  She is also running her first marathon today.
Marcel and Micha did the planning for Marcel’s second half marathon. 
Carmen, a new friend of our running club, traveled from afar for this occasion. Stefan is running 13 km today in two stages, this is his third even.  Coach Birgit is Stefan’s other running patron.
Marcel and Micha are meeting up with Carolin on the way.   
Carolin is very fit today, everything is falling into place.  .

Coach Marliese is getting a load of Carolin’s vigor and has to hustle in order to keep up with her running buddy

At the finish line they are both very proud and very happy.  This Marathoni and her coach are one TEAM in our Running Club. 
Tilo, Benjamin and Thomas are closing in at point 33 km.  Benjamin started at point 21 km and plans to run through to point 42 km.
Tilo, Benjamin and Thomas at the finishing line.  Wow, look at the sports men in the middle:  “I can run just like you and I am running towards you.”  By the way, he announced that he will be running more half marathons.





A special surprise from her proud Mom is awaiting Carolin.


Anyway, Coach Micha and Marcel thoroughly enjoyed their run.  Particularly Marcel J))

Our Half marathon experts Marcel and Christian had planned for the 21 kilometer run.  Chrissi ran through the finish line, but Marcel had to call it quits at point 38 km, due to the heat and because he felt dizzy.  Shortly thereafter, he felt a little better.  His mother was joking that he just wanted to visit the emergency tent.  He has very defined career plans.  Oh well, whatever, at least this would not be a bad thing, to have certified emergency personnel among our Marathoni at the events.

Now we are finally getting a snapshot of Chrissy.  He is running with Coach Thomas and this will be his second half marathon.  We have been discussing a sports endurance test.  His goal: Berlin Marathon 2010 

Stefan, Ele and Rene did relay sections with their coaches:  Once from the finish line towards point 4 km, and then from point 33 km to point 42 km.  They undertook this with great enthusiasm and cheered on the other runners while they were taking their breaks. 




Uli, Chrissy’s Mom, is also a determined runner and is often running with us at the events.






Carmen and Ele have been waiting for ages for the others at point 4 km.  Where the heck are they?




 A happy gathering at point 40 km, where we met up to run together to the finish line.





Running patron and coach Birgit arrived at the finish line with Stefan.


The primary goal of our Running Club is to promote the Marathoni’s sports effort.  We especially enjoy that their entire families are being drawn to the running effort.  That’s why Elizabeth decided on the spot to run her first marathon today, while Michaela ran her first half marathon.  We are very proud of these accomplishments.  Sport builds bridges among people, in this case, among entire families.




The proud “Kögel Girls" Carolin doing a half marathon, their mother Elizabeth running the whole marathon and their daughter Micha also a half marathon..




Here we see Micha again.  You could be this happy after YOUR first half marathon!


Our running buddy Robert Wimmer went with us to Karlsruhe.  We have had quite a lot of adventures with him.  A world record, a Trans Europe Run, plus he is sporting our club logo on his shirt.  Of course, he ran a ‘little’ faster than we did, but then ran back to point 40 km in order to accompany us to the finish line and to celebrate.
In October, he is training for his next world record.  Please visit www.robertwimmer.de.
Unfortunately, Robert is a little hesitant to have his picture taken, but perhaps he will send us one.  Robert did his marathon today in 3 hours 18 minutes and achieved that our Running Club was at the top of all result lists.  You have to consider that Robert and Anita spent the evening before that at the Nürnberg Opera Ball and only got some sleep in the car on the trip to Karlsruhe.  And then “somebody” just puts out a 3 hour 18 minute finish like there was nothing to it.



Untiringly, with joy, with love and with friendship, all trainers of our Running Club took their Marathoni to the finish line. Birgit, Micha, Carmen, Peter, Ulli, Thomas III., Claudia, Bernhard, Roli, Thomas II, Tilo, Jürgen and Dieter.
Only one of them actually has a family member with Down Syndrome.  The entire time we were accompanied by Thomas Senior on the motor cycle.  He helped Dietmar and the other fund raiser volunteers to carry the ever heavy sacks of change and stayed close by, just in case.  Then he ended up picking up a photo journalist, whose motor cycle was on the fritz.





The organizer of the Karlsruhe Marathon, Fried-Jürgen Bachl.  He was the one who invited us and organized everything.  He took care of the publicity and made sure that our Running Club is now known throughout Karlsruhe.  We hope to find additional sports men and women who would want to run with us.


Mein ganz persönliches Resümee:


My very personal note: 
We are a legitimate registered sports association:  “Just like yours!”


Visit this website for a report by Coach Dieter   



Visit here another warmly story about our race ( Tarzan und Jane )     http://pheidippides-marathon.blogspot.com/2009/09/27-fiduca-baden-marathon-karlsruhe-2009.html


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